Our Team

Simon Bystryak, Ph.D. – President

Dr. S. Bystryak is co-founder and President of ALLIS. He is responsible for setting the overall strategic direction for the company. He has extensive experience in developing and implementing new biomedical technologies, and has developed, validated and marketed five new technologies in the field of life sciences. Dr. S. Bystryak has also extensive experience in preparation and characterization of various polymer, surfactant and colloid systems such as nanocrystals, nanoemulsions, liposomes, latex and protein particles by using ultrasound, fluorescence, confocal fluorescence microscopy, light scattering, potentiometry and conductometry techniques, NMR and microcalorimetry.

The Research Team

ALLIS has assembled a group of highly skilled scientists and engineers with expertise in the areas of biochemistry and organic chemistry, biomedical engineering and optics, medicine, computational methods, and software development. The staff of Allied Innovative Systems has extensive experience in developing new technologies and products as well as in their clinical validation. The team has expertise in several key scientific disciplines that are vital to the success of its development efforts.